Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine Therapy

As a registered naturopath and medical herbalist, I use natural therapies backed by clinical research and established traditions. These will aid the body in removing blockages and enhance its ability to heal itself.

Our body is an integrated and interconnected system. Therefore, it is important to look at the body as a whole. These two therapies provide holistic care by treating the root cause of illness and assisting in the prevention of disease. 

Nutrition Guidance

One of the most important things that people forget is what we put in to our bodies. With over twelve years industry experience as a chef, along with proper nutrition training, I can help you to achieve your goals through nutrition.

Nutrition is the key element that binds all of my services together. Not only can i help and guide you on nutrition, but i can also help with meal plans and recipe creation or alteration.

More often than not, symptoms of poor health can be related to nutritional status, as a registered naturopath I will help you to get to the root cause and gently restore your health back to where it should be.

Our bodies are constantly telling us what we need, let me help to interpret those messages for you.

Food intolerance hair tests and analysis can be performed at your request at an additional cost.


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